Holmer Green Case Study

Holmer Green is an investment site that we opened for investors in 2011. By 2013, it was sold out. And today, we’re in the final stages in the process of securing planning permission for the site, after that the site will be sold and our investors will receive their returns.


Site opening
2011: Site opened to investors. First sale in May 2011. Last plot sold in September 2013.


Site proposed to be removed from Green Belt
October 2016: We were approached by the South Bucks and Chiltern Council, stating that the Holmer Green site would be a proposed option to be removed from the Green Belt.


Meeting with local council representatives 
December 2017: The company’s Managing Director and Legal Advisor met with members of the South Bucks and Chiltern Council in the UK, to discuss the planning application process for Holmer Green.


Expert support in the process from the UK
2018: Herald Land started working with lawyers and experienced planners based in the UK to ensure a successful planning application.


Draft Local Plan Released
June 2019: The South Bucks and Chiltern council released the draft local plan whereby 300 new homes and associated facilities were to be allocated for residential-led use for land surrounding our site.


Public Inquiry
17th March 2020: There is a public inquiry into the merits of our site and surrounding sites within the council’s area to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of approving a planning development scheme.