The Impact of the River Thames Scheme and Possible Compulsory Purchase Orders (CPO) on Land in Shepperton

Introduction: The River Thames Scheme is a significant flood risk management project that aims to reduce the risk of flooding along the River Thames and its tributaries. As the scheme progresses, it may have implications for landowners and properties in the Shepperton area. This document explores the potential impact of the River Thames Scheme and the use of Compulsory Purchase Orders (CPO) on land in Shepperton.

The River Thames Scheme: The River Thames Scheme is a joint initiative between the Environment Agency, local authorities, and other stakeholders. Its main objectives are to improve flood protection, reduce flood risk, and enhance the resilience of communities along the River Thames.

Impact on Land in Shepperton:

Flood Risk Reduction: The River Thames Scheme is expected to provide improved flood protection for areas along the river, including Shepperton. This may lead to increased property value and reduced insurance premiums for landowners and residents in the area.

Infrastructure Development: The scheme may involve the construction of new flood defenses and infrastructure, which could potentially affect land usage and access rights for some landowners in Shepperton.

Changes in Land Use Planning: The River Thames Scheme could prompt updates to local land use planning policies in Shepperton. This might lead to restrictions or modifications in development rights, affecting future land use and development opportunities. It is our plan to make an application for the land in Shepperton.

Environmental Impact: The construction of flood defenses and infrastructure may have environmental implications, such as changes to local habitats or wildlife. Landowners in Shepperton may need to adhere to new environmental regulations or mitigation measures.

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Possible Compulsory Purchase Orders (CPO):

Definition of CPO: In cases where it is necessary to acquire land or property for public purposes, the authorities may use Compulsory Purchase Orders. CPO allows them to acquire the land without the owner’s consent, albeit with compensation.

CPO and the River Thames Scheme: As the River Thames Scheme progresses, there might be instances where CPO is deemed necessary to secure the land required for flood defenses or infrastructure.

Impact on Landowners: If CPO is invoked, landowners in Shepperton may face the loss of their property or parts of their land. While compensation will be offered, it might not always cover the full value or sentimental worth of the affected property.

Legal Process: Landowners subject to CPO have the right to challenge the order and seek a fair valuation of their land or property. It is essential for landowners to seek legal advice and representation during this process to ensure their interests are protected.


The River Thames Scheme has the potential to significantly impact land and property in Shepperton, offering flood risk reduction benefits but also introducing changes to land use planning and potential infrastructure development. If Compulsory Purchase Orders are used as part of the scheme, landowners may face the prospect of losing their property, necessitating the need for appropriate legal advice to secure fair compensation. It is crucial for all stakeholders, including landowners, local authorities, and the Environment Agency, to engage in open communication and cooperation throughout the planning and implementation of the River Thames Scheme in Shepperton.

We are extremely confident that a CPO will not affect your land and infact the price of land will increase as will the possibility of planning and development